5 Great Starcraft Custom Maps

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Sean looking at 5 of his favorite Starcraft: Brood War maps for those who never got into UMS. These are not even close to all of my favorites. Other notables …

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  • I will never understand these weird maps with unusual mechanics and ugly terrain. I prefer proper custom campaigns more faithful to the true spirit of the game, but that's just a matter of personal preference.

  • I used to love one that was X-Men. And one that was some escape from volcano, where you were probes that build shit to glitch and slip through a defensive wall.

  • I loved the WW2 maps and I made one with the same cities and types of triggers for ancient greece and western anatolia including Sparta, Athens, Thessaly, Macedon, Thrace, and 2 Persias. Had Ultra elephants and persian navy etc etc. I tried a 3 team setup instead of a 2 team setup and tried to balance it as best I could by making various players border other teams so it was hard not to fight.

    I wish I could still find this map.

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    These maps sucked, the best UMS were the STRIP ones! Back in the early 2000s it was ''Strip Britney Spears', but later on by the mid-2000s, it changed to "Strip Hermione" from Harry Potter, LOL!

  • oi
    no one who voted yes to this doesnt know WTF use map setting is or was or nothign HAHAHAHA
    this is not even close to the games on use settings HAHAHA
    these are like not even close HAHAHA


  • If any die hard SC BW fan is out there that play a lot of old custom maps Id like to know if mine survived and lives on in the community.. I cant recall the name but it was when I just got into script writing and making maps and I went ALL in. The title was something like "U. D. D. – United Defense Directive" or something like that. It was a Big Game Hunter map where up to three players on neighboring peninsulas, defended one choke point per base in the front and turrets / cannons defended any air from the side.Each of up to 3 players each chose a race.

    Three things ( law of three was the theme too ). First it was incredibly hard as there were no scouting nodes needed to branch out so while it was a turtle strategy, the AI starts ( if I remember correctly ) on easy mode and each time you defeat a wave, the difficulty gets exponentially harder until Insane is reached. It was hard as hell to do alone because there were ALSO 3 AI mirror opponents just like you and your friends could play on the other end of the map so if you were alone you got triple hit each wave.

    Second, when you made a near full unit ( depending on the unit type ) of something, it would trigger a hero character of that unit type. So for example when you made 11 marines with Terran, it would spawn a Jim Raynor marine. Protoss scout ships x 11 would yiield Artanis's scout. 11 Zerk Hydralisks would give you a Hunter Killer hero hydralisk as the 12th unit and so on! It was mad fun and actually had a small cult following of dedicated players ( although I cant be sure of this, that was my ego talking lol ).

    Third and finally, the map came with 2 MP3's. that would trigger initially on the very first assault with both songs and then i think it would play them both again every 30 minutes or so, as to not make it overused and saturated. The two songs I picked were on the first wave ( the AI always would hit ONE player and even on easy it was hell defending lol ). The first song was "Stayin' Alive – by the Bee Gees. The second song after that was "Rollin' – by Limp Bizkit" ( shows how long ago it was as that song was still new in the year 2000 lol ).

    I would love to see if my work survived all this time. I used to have repeat players tell other pug joiners explain why the download was so large lol. "It's because it has two awesome songs dude that go with the game play."

  • i really miss the old zombie defence from sc1. i dont like the ones from sc2 D:

    i also miss mission impossible, lava run, sunken deff, heavens last deff, phantom, night of the living dead, protect bob, helms deep, 50 000 zergs deff, cat and mice and aser tag. so much fun i wish people would play these maps in sc2

    what they did really much better are the special forces map, many tower defence maps and the thing


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