All Graves Skins Ability Spotlight – League of Legends Skin Review

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All Graves Skins in one Ability Spotlight.
In this all Graves Skins Ability Spotlight you can see every Graves Skin that got released till this Spotlight was created with all his Spell animations.
For a quicker view of the Skins dont forget to check out my all Graves Skins Spotlight with a quick review of the skins.

0:00 – Intro
0:08 – Hired Gun Graves
0:52 – Jailbreak Graves
1:36 – Crime City Graves
2:20 – Riot Graves
3:05 – Pool Party Graves
3:49 – Cutthroat Graves
4:33 – Snow Day Graves
5:18 – Victorious Graves
6:02 Praetorian Graves
6:46 – Battle Professor Graves
7:30 – Outro

Hired Gun Graves, Jailbreak Graves, Mafia Graves, Riot Graves, Pool Party Graves, Snow Day Graves, Victorious Graves, Praetorian Graves, Battle Professor Graves, Cutthroat Graves





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Strategiespiel vom Entwickler Riot Games und Publisher Riot Games, bis 2010 GOA.
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