Double Head Shark Attack VS Whale Shark Simulator – ALL SHARKS & DRAGONS UNLOCKED | Android Gameplay

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✅ About This Game: Get ready to explore first time in Google Play where a Whale Shark Simulator can attack in 360 degrees any angle. One of the best shark games in action!
Take control of the Gigantic Whale Shark and go on a deep in the ocean to hunt, survive as long as possible by eating everything and complete your mission! Explore a beautiful underwater world and rule the OCEAN as GREAT WHALE SHARK.
There are a lot more fantasy scenarios to explore with dangerous species!!


– There are lots of missions, surprise events to unlock & win coins.
– 30 different types of mission including targets & challenges to complete
– 5 different world to explore.
– Play the special event to unlock special sharks.


– Targets will be given at each level
– Complete the mission within the given time.
– 30+ missions to complete in the ocean world.


– Kill the humans before they kill you.
– Destroy the laboratory
– Targets will be given to complete the mission.
– Timer Based Gameplay

Download & Play the ultimate SHARK WHALE Game Adventure.

Whale Shark Attack Simulator Highlights:
* Free shark simulation game
* Special Targets to win coins
* Target based game adventure
* Extreme simulation game
* 30+ underwater shark whale simulator species
* Timer base underwater simulator gameplay
* Unlock & play with wild fierce sharks whales
* Action-packed aquatic adventure
* Find and collect Bonus Objects
* Control your 306 Degree shark & fed it to survive.
* There are a lot more exciting offers and events to grab on at each level.

If you love shark games, then you will love this FREE game!! Thank You for Downloading Whale Shark Attack Simulator!!!

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✅ About This Game: Multiplayer Game play:
Play as a shark with other online players. Your task is to find letters in the ocean to form a word.
It’s a new concept of word search in a simulation game. Eat the other online players to complete the word. Bigger sharks will eat smaller sharks. So, upgrade to Big Shark to eat other players.

Single Player Game play:

Welcome to the different worlds of underwater shark games. Hunt for your targets on the beach & underwater fishes, animals & humans in the game to survive & earn coins. Eat to power up with 100’s of crunchy delicious & dangerous creatures in the ocean like baby sharks, jellyfish, fishes etc. This Underwater simulation game has stunning quality, 3D graphics, & cool sound effects which will drive you crazy. Get the Double headed sharks to dress up with the freak in’ costumes like different kinds of hats, weapons, headphones, hammer, axe, magic wands & many more exciting accessories.
Try the Terminator shark which can transform into tiny shark to eat its prey. Hey! These simulator sharks are gigantic, crazy, freaky powers & cooler than ever just waiting to attack their prey. Share & collect all the sharks underwater to become the king to rule the underwater ocean. This is one of the best shark games. Explore the unseen world of sharks & their life under water.

Game Play Features:

• Multiplayer mode to play with your friends.
• Connect & hunt your prey in different worlds.
• Explore with different kinds of sharks with crazy features to hunt.
• Solve the word puzzle in Multiplayer mode.
• Different Shark power ups.
• Various Shark upgrades to hunt & survive.
• Friendly UI & fun FREE game play.

Multiplayer Mode:

– Explore & hunt other players in multiplayer mode.
– Search and eat letters in the ocean to complete the word puzzle target.
– Upgrade to bigger shark to eat online players. Let’s see how strong you are & how well you compete to survive underwater with your friends.

Double Head Shark Attack Features:

• First Multiplayer game in shark Category!
• Unique Missions & Objectives to complete in single player mode.
• Free Game with lots of prizes & rewards!
• Unlock 12+ Shark with lots of accessories
• Realistic Beach & Underwater environments
• Smooth controls with easy & Addictive game play
• Awesome Visuals & Sound Effects
• Coolest under water shark games to play
• Different worlds to explore
• Upbeat background music and sound effects

Install & Play as Fearless Double Head Shark Attack ready to hunt for the survival.

Languages Supported: English, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, French, Japanese, Italian, Dutch, German, Russian, Arabic, Hindi, Telugu & Tamil

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