Minecraft: Top 5 Servers (Minecraft 1.7.2 2013 HD)

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Minecraft Factions Server Lets Play Ep.23 (MapleCraft)

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This is Season 3 of Factions. The server had a reset 3 weeks ago.

Factions is a competitive gamemode in which players can create their own clan (or faction) and construct bases & all the necessary grinders/farms, raid other factions, form an alliance with others, and much more! This gamemode is also very well known, and has a very large YouTube fanbase. Some YouTubers that record this gamemode are; TheCampingRusher, MrWoofless, PrestonPlayz, Wildx, and many more! The gamemode Factions became popular because of big servers such as CosmicPVP, TheArchon & SaicoPvP.

In this season of MapleCraft Factions Server Lets Play, we focus more on raiding and becoming the top faction through pvping and creating the best base. We also frequently show off other peoples base’s by doing base tours of them. We also attempt to learn how to use TNT cannons through practicing on the MapleCraft cannon test server. (AC-130 Cannons are disabled)

Maplecraft is the best OPFactions server. This server has custom enchants, mcmmo, monthly crates, bossmobs and much more!

In today’s episode raid a end base using a wither. This base had over 15x irongolems and was quite a rich raid. We also open some custom enchant books and we use about 100k experience in total.

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Top 5 Minecraft Servers for 1.7.2
#5 – CoreMc – coremc.us
#4 – HiveMC – hivemc.eu
#3 – SquadCraft – Play.Squadcraft.net
#2 – ShotBow – us.shotbow.net
#1 – Hypixel – mc.hypixel.net
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SocialBlade –
Skype – themrcodmaster133
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