Shadow Hunters Review – with Tom Vasel

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Tom Vasel takes a look at Shadow Hunters from Z-man Games 00:00 – Introduction 01:23 – Game overview 07:30 – Final thoughts Buy great games at …

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  • Hi there,

    My friend and I remastered this game for online play. You will need Table Top Simulator on steam, but once you do, you can grab the mod here:
    – Hope you all enjoy! This version has over 100+ custom character cards and new game modes!

  • Advantage

    – High immersion.

    – Bring many memories, memories.

    – High level of play.

    – Can play more or less people are.


    – Less tactical diversity.

    – Depends on luck.

    – Function is not fully balanced.

  • I was super confused when I was looking for this game, because I played it in Czech Republic where they slightly redid the game – you still have hit points and go to places and draw cards and everything like that, but the desing of the board is a bit different, cards as well and you actually have vampires, werewolfs and humans (if I recall correctly, we usually played it during college and we would usually drink :D) . But I really really love this game and I was very happy I could confirm that although slightly different, it is still the same game. So, thanks for the video :))

  • How much of this game is just luck?

    Also, can two different parties win? Say that the Hunters win, but one player is Daniel. Do they both win, or does one or the other win?

  • Hey, I'm abit confused about the hand gun card, and about how neutrals win..
    If a neutral win, because the hunters beat the shadows.. Do both that neutral, and the hunter win ..or?

    Do reply.. ! 🙂

  • it s  a fun game….  i like it better than resistance or werewolf cause there is a little more meat to it, like u said a mix with bang and werewolf  … u got weapons , agendas to follow , more varried and also just more flavor …. i suppose resistance got some "more friendly" easy mecanism , but with people over 13+ and up ( i play with 25ish ) its easy to understand and more interesting than the other games … anyway , interesting fun party game. 

  • "You must show your character card to the current player" would also be given to another player, who would then have to show their card to the current (active) player.  Otherwise the card makes no sense.

    Having said that, I absolutely love this game and love all of Tom's reviews.

  • Hurray for no 240p! A good one to redo because I was confused when I watched the old one a few weeks ago before my purchase, thinking I had to get the additional character cards separately.

  • I got this game since it first came out. I like it much. But when we play we don't switch the characters, we just mix them all and deal. You should try it Tom. 🙂

  • Tom I just looked up this game on Amazon and Zman games and both places sell the base game with the expansion included with it. Just thought you and others might like to know that.


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