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  • Dude, I think the work you do is fantastic. I had stopped playing a couple of years ago and when I came back … just sucking. I thank you very much for your analysis and the knowledge you share, it helps me improve my decisions in the game. Have you thought about coaching a team? Very good work (sorry for my English) GGWP.

  • Hey man I love your content I found you through a comment on reddit, been watching you for sometime. I'm trying to learn Bane and a Bane analysis video would be very helpful. I played a game recently and I would love to know where I can improve. Match:5537595813

  • I buy this item way too much on a pos5…
    What do you think of the following benefits of Urn/Vessel?
    1. Using it to disable an opponents blink dagger for 11 seconds
    2. Usually after winning a fight or getting picks some teammates are too low to be able to safely push an objective afterwards, the 300+ heals on top of a mek really make a difference

    Get your guild contracts man, seeing that red number 2 on the bottom left is triggering me


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